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My issues with Christianity

Having been a Born Again fundamental Pentecostal/Charismatic Christian for most of my life since the age of 10, I thoroughly embraced the Christian church teachings. These teachings were never questioned. We were taught that to question these teachings was inappropriate. It was a sign of unbelief, of rebellion.
To question the pastor or church leadership was a sign of rebellion and there was a verse quoted at you that the sin of rebellion was as the sin of witchcraft.

To question the validity of the Bible was a sign of doubt and unbelief. You could not stir trouble by spreading your own views and interpretations of scripture.
The church upheld the Nicene Creed: That God is a Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus was the Son born of the Virgin Mary. The Bible was the total and complete Word of God, infallible and eternal. Whatever is written in the Bible is never to be challenged or questioned.
Such was what we were taught and such is what I followed.

In 2005 I found myself crying before God in prayer. After all I did, in service of God, the church etc, why are we not seeing the miracles we should be seeing? Why is the world not getting better, but seemingly getting worse? Jesus told us we would do even greater miracles than He did. For the first time I felt that all the teachings of the church and the Bible had gone stale. There was nothing new and nothing fresh. Every conference I attended was just mass-producing the same old stuff. It had now become unpalatable and I just became unable to swallow any more of it.

Then the small still voice began to guide me. I was accustomed to using the Bible to find my answers, such as a Divination tool. As a Christian I asked for answers, and the small still voice guided me to a portion of scripture where God spoke and said He would reveal to me the secrets hidden in darkness. I knew that the word “hidden” also meant “occult” in Latin.  I was not sure what to make of it, but I felt if God wanted to guide me into learning the Occult, I was up for it. I was ready for more.
And so my journey began. The year before God impressed heavily upon me that I needed to get New Wineskins. A few weeks later I was paging through pages on Amazon and found mention of the Tree of Life. I searched a few books on the theme of Occult and discovered that the Occult is rooted in the Tree of Life. I started reading up on the Tree of Life and discovered Jesus and all the Old Testament Prophets knew the Tree of Life extensively. I needed to know more.

The Old Testament Prophetic books are riddled with numerous references to the Tree of Life, but to discover these we would need to read the English translation together with a Hebrew Translation. The Old Testament just took on a whole new dimension. For the first time I understood what Jesus meant when He taught “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”. The Tree of Life was a glyph containing 10 spheres, Each sphere represented a realm, a reality or dimension. Each sphere had an Archangel and Order of Angels and also an Astrological Planetary association. The Kingdom was the 10th sphere in the Tree of Life. It has always been. The Tree of Life also had 22 Paths depicted and connections between the spheres, associated with a letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. And so I saw that the Church kept people OUT of the Kingdom for centuries.

After many months of studying this I also discovered that the Tree of Life is a depiction of God in the Universe, the Macrocosm, as well as a depiction of the Soul. The Soul is a Divine Spark within each of us. The Soul is divine and eternal. The Soul is covered by layers of Ego, hidden from view or sight, but it is within. To connect with God we needed to go within, in meditation.

This is contrary to Christian teaching that God is out there, separate from His creation. I remember Bette Midler singing “From a distance God is watching us”. According to Christianity we are lost and poor sinners who need salvation, which is offered to us by accepting the death of Jesus on the cross as our ransom, the price for our sins.
The information of the Tree of Life was given to Abraham as Oral tradition by God, and later recorded in a book called the Sepher Yetzirah, which is also known as the Kabbalah. To fully understand the teachings of Jesus and the OT Prophets we would have to know the Kabbalah, and the church has gone to great lengths to keep the masses away from this information.

So vast is this cover up that I felt sick when I discovered it. The early church, before the Council of Nicea in 325AD, taught certain doctrines. We had the doctrine of Universal Salvation, whereby there are no lost souls, but all souls will one day be united with God. Hell is thus not an eternal experience for the damned. The ancient Mystery teaching which embraced the Kabbalah, taught the doctrine of Reincarnation, whereby the souls of the dead go to a place in the Astral plane which matches that souls current vibration. Some end up on the lower astral planes, which are the hells of the OT, and some end up on the Higher astral planes, which are various levels of heaven. The Astral planes are located on Yesod, the 9th sphere in the Tree of Life. The Book of Life, aka the Akashic records, are also found here.

The Bible also stated that Jesus would teach the masses in parables, but to the disciples He taught the Mysteries of the Kingdom. Mark and Luke were not in this inner circle, yet their gospels today are considered part of scripture. Paul too was not in this inner circle, and did not know the mysteries. Yet he designed his own theories, and was the creator of the doctrines of modern day Christianity. Paul invented the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whereby Jesus was born to die for our sins to save us.
Jesus never taught this. The Virgin Birth was also a fable, plagiarised directly from the tales of Krishna. Krishna had a virgin birth. When Jerome began the work of creating the Latin translation of the Bible (The Vulgate) he stated that people don’t believe in the Virgin Birth because they don’t read about it. So he mistranslated the verse in the Book of Isaiah in order to introduce this concept. Jerome also introduced the concept of Eternal Hell in the Vulgate. After the Vulgate became the Holy Roman Church Bible, all mentions of the Doctrine of Universal Salvation from the letters of the Early Church Fathers disappeared.
Clement of Alexandria was a disciple of John, and Origin was a disciple of Clement. Both taught the doctrine of Reincarnation. This was taught until the 5th century. The Emperor of the Roman Empire felt that this doctrine no longer served his political agenda. Emperor Justinian, in 543AD ordered the Pope,  Pope Vigilius, to condemn and destroy the teaching of Origin on reincarnation, The Pope refused and was thrown in jail. The Emperor then convoked a Council meeting.

There was a logical reason why the Emperor was opposed to the concept that all of mankind originally came from God and was returning to God via the cycle of birth and death. Justinian had been convinced by high ranking cardinals that it was not in the interest of the empire to allow Origen's writings to continue to be copied and distributed. A powerful group of Cardinal’s and Bishop’s explained that if every soul had once pre-existed with God, then Christ wasn’t anything special to have come from God. These Cardinals convinced the Emperor that if people realized they were the children of God they might begin to believe they no longer needed an Emperor, or to pay taxes, or to obey the Holy Church. But since they reasoned that only Christ had come from God but God made brand new souls at the time of conception and only the Holy Church could bring these souls to God. Without the protection of the Empire or the guidance of the church, all people would be doomed to be forever cut off from God in Hell. This doctrine was very acceptable to the Emperor. Once Justinian understood the political danger inherent in Origen’s teachings, the rest was simply an Emperor doing what was in his best interest.

The Pope refused to attend this Council, and the Emperor ordered the cardinals and bishops to abandon the doctrine of reincarnation. The council produced 14 new anathemas. The first one condemned the teachings of Origen on reincarnation, and so the concept of the pre-existence of souls became one of the lost doctrines of Christianity.

So how does this tie in with Christianity today? In 325AD a new Christianity was formulated under the supervision of Emperor Constantine. They uphold a set of doctrines, a new Book of scriptures called a Bible, a new Godhead called a Holy Trinity, and a new priesthood. The Mystery teachings were violently discarded and schools were shut down, and the libraries containing the most important books were burned down. The Christian leaders had to destroy all evidence of teachings contrary to these new concepts introduced at Nicea.

The Bible, more specifically the New Testament, continued to be modified to suit the Roman Emperor and the Pope’s agendas. People were forbidden to study, to read, and teach. This practice became a right exclusive to the clergy. The masses were plunged into the Dark Ages of ignorance. The Popes and priests enjoyed their idolatrous practices. While the priests and bishops and leadership issued decrees forbidding people to study the Mystery teachings, they themselves indulged in learning the Kabbalah, the Tarot Cards, and other Occult practices. Pope Alexander was regarded as the most evil pope, engaging in demonic evocation rituals, incestuous relationships and behaviour unfit for clergy. Some popes even wrote grimoires containing their spells and rituals.

My feelings are that anything born from the Councils of Nicea and later is to be discarded as Jezebellic. I chose to revert back to the teachings of Jesus, and this includes the Kabbalah, the Mystery School Traditions and lost doctrines.

Even though Martin Luther and other Church Reformers rose to challenge the Holy Roman Church and its doctrines, all church reformations that followed after 1517, still chose to uphold the Nicene Creed, its Books, and its Doctrines. I choose not to follow this movement any longer.

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