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Another Life - Part 2 - The Ceremony

Another Life

Part 2  - The Ceremony

I enjoyed my rest, and the company of my soul family. They were very happy and supportive of me when I shared the news of my next venture with them. Very few of them had done this, and some said that I could be starting a new trend in our soul tribe. We all laughed and shared a vibration of happiness.

Some of the ones in my soul tribe are not as advanced as others, but we do our best to support, love and care for each other. I was preparing myself for the period of being in a Divided state. Tana and Tovoe already started setting up the place where this would happen, and would soon be ready for me to proceed.

I started to enquire with others in my soul tribe about possible places and planetary systems to go to for my next incarnation. One of my fellow soul tribe members, Kallah, told me about this planetary system called the Earth plane. It is a little planetary system on the outskirts of one of the Galaxies on the denser dimensions.

I was intrigued to learn that the Galactic Council already appointed the Arcturian civilisation to place a vessel in close proximity to this planet in order to keep and eye on their progress. Apparently the entities on that planet are still very lacking in their development, having no sense of their Self due to their socio political systems and mental conditioning. I was told they find themselves imprisoned and enslaved in ignorance by their religions and political leaders. A very sad state of affairs.
But Kallah also stated that they had something that you rarely find on most planetary systems.

He said he worked as a pastry chef during his most recent life there. I was fascinated. I wanted to learn more. What is a pastry chef? He told me in great details about his life. He had a family. So it seems the concept of family was important in their societal structure, and they also had cities and towns. I know that we also have such societal structures here on our plane, so that was a good thing.

He explained that there was much suffering though. The souls on this plane are referred to as people, as humans, but they are quite savage and because these souls forget who they are when they enter this plane, they have to fight for survival, sometimes in very harsh circumstances. They engage in senseless wars with one another. War brings just more pain and suffering.

His work was to bring joy to some of those communities by making something called cakes and pastries. This is a food type known as a delicacy, which brings joy, and is usually consumed in a celebratory setting.

 I asked Kallah more about these things called cakes.
“Oh, those are awesome. You have to try some. If you are brave enough to endure some hardships, you should allow yourself to go there, just to try out the cakes. They make these in all types and flavours.”
I peered into his mental projections and the images he showed me and saw some of his creations. They looked great. I was sold. I will definitely have to go there to try these “cakes”.

I also found out about another system where my counterpart soul could go. There was a lovely serene planetary life system where the souls there had a peaceful and loving environment. I would go there so I can encounter life on that reality, and gain some valuable experience there. This system was primarily geared to educate and teach. I decided that a lifetime of being educated would be a great way to further my own development. When I return from both planes and merge again, the experiences and knowledge gained from these lives would be shared within the whole of my Self.

Soon after I heard that Tana and Tovoe was ready for me to proceed with my Ceremony of Separation. I joined them for this in an almost regal setting. Some of my closest Soul family members also joined us. As we started the proceeding, they began to prepare the area by sending love, light and healing to us. It helps to have such powerful guides, and the support of Soul Family members.  

Then I heard a sound, a chant, a sad wailing song which started afar and felt like it was coming closer and closer. I started spinning as if I was in a vortex of some kind. Then I felt as if my innermost center was being partially removed from the rest of me.

I was spinning around and around. Then, at the moment of the separation I felt as if was being torn in half slowly from below to my crown. The agony of being divided was a very painful and emotional. And so I became Orini and Cerini, two halves of the same soul essence.

Orini was my male part and Cerini was my female part. The separation process was finally over. My counterpart and I were cradled in a cloud of love and light. And we held onto each other weeping. We had to fight hard not to merge again as this would be counterproductive to the greater plan. 
We knew we were going to feel this pain, this deep inner hurt for the duration of our separated state. Would we be strong enough? Will our plans pan out?
We spent the rest of the ceremony just absorbing the healing, and the love and light. We took all the time we needed to adjust and become familiar with being in our divided state. Time here is very different. In Earth time it could easily be regarded as months.

After this we had to prepare to go before the Council of Seven to plan the next stage of our journey. Every detail of our plans had to be worked out. Every lesson that had to be learned, every objective we would set. Also every other soul we would engage with and agreed to journey with, had to be laid out before the Council for their approval.

The bulk of the souls on the Earth Life System were native to that system. Many souls who go there were from other Life Systems that were in some cases very different. Some planetary systems around are very predatory, and they have souls who have learned to prey on the weak and suffering. Other souls have lost their own planetary systems in senseless planetary wars. Those souls are now looking for other planetary systems where they could go and further their development.

For a large number of lifetimes such souls would feel out of place, as if they know they do not belong there. Like the Pleiadeans who lost their own planetary system in the wars. Thank heavens for the Arcturians who offered help.

Many souls who end up going to the planes like the Earth plane, go as teachers and healers. Some are liberators who go to help by dropping seeds to help expand the minds and consciousness of individuals who are trapped by their belief systems, or by form or matter.  

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