Monday, 26 June 2017

Another Life - Part 3 - The Council

Part 3 - The Council

The meeting started. The Council members had taken their places. Cerini and I were placed facing them and my 3 companions, Tana, Tovoe and Crutu was just behind us. We could feel the waves of warmth emanating from their auric fields.

“Let the proceedings begin”. The projection of the head of the Council was firm, yet loving. They regularly help souls planning their next incarnations, or review a past incarnation upon the return of these souls to the ethereal planes.

Cerini and I introduced ourselves. Even though this was not really necessary as we are all known to each other, and we are familiar with each other's energy fields. It was more for the sake of formality. We stated that we were planning our next journeys, and that this journey would be done in our separated states to separate worlds.

The council projected their approval mentally and we knew we were in safe hands. We stated we would be supported by our 3 mentors, who will keep watch over us. This was also met with the council's approval. After we made our case and stated out intent, a session of questions from the council followed.

The questions related to our plans for each step of our journeys on the denser plane, and were often quite difficult to grasp and respond to. On some of the denser planes they view time in terms of cycles, in many cases planetary cycles around their respective solar orbs. A lifetime could span anything from 30 to 200 such cycles, depending on which Life System we go to, and how dense the plane is we plan to go to.

And even though we would go into these planes we may initially not remember anything about our origins, or plans. By setting up markers to help remind us would be useful. Also we were warned not to get too attached to the life on that plane as it is set up to entrap souls with attachments to material things. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are more that the life, the body and its trappings. Cerini and I affirmed and we looked at our guides to help us with these reminders.

We then looked at possible Soul families that would be there to help us with our lives, clusters of souls already engaging with lives there who would be happy to accommodate us. The council made several recommendations, and we took note of them. We would set out to meet with some of the spirit guides of these clusters and discuss our options.

The planning review with the council took a long time, and we had to break several times to retreat and rest before resuming our planning sessions. During these reviews we also met up with several suitable soul clusters and forged some really good ties with them. They agreed to provide us with families, and once we found a few families that would help us, I decided to enlist the help of a soul cluster for a little while, then move along to another soul cluster, and then followed by another soul cluster who would offer me with a family setting to live and grow in.

It was during one of our Council review breaks that Cerini and I and our guides found ourselves enjoying a little wander next to what resembles a large blue lake, with peaceful and serene areas where we could just relax and enjoy the tranquillity. We call it the Lake of Tranquillity. Here another group of souls who were in the process of planning their next journeys, were also enjoying the peaceful shores. Little waves of crystal clear blue water were breaking and we watched the water as it played with the sand on the beach.