Monday, 26 June 2017

Another Life - Part 1 - Spirit Guides

Another Life 

(Len van den Berg) 


Part 1 - The Guides

I am watching the Light. My inner light is pulsing, throbbing. I expand and contract. This is fun, and I enjoy doing this in my meditations. Expand, contract. Out, and in…move the Light around and around...

I have no idea how long I was doing this. Here in this plane of reality time has no meaning, and I can take as long as I want to practice my skills, or learn new skills. I had recently spent a lifetime on a different plane. Somewhere on a planet on a 4th dimensional universe. It is always nice to return to my multidimensional reality after such a journey. I always ask the question: Why does it feel like life on that 4 dimensional reality is never going to end? It feels like an eternity, and yet, in comparison with life here on my normal plane, it seems like a drop, a blink, and it's over.

I reflected a long time on that journey. I went through each moment, checking that I did all I set out to do, and learned all I needed to learn. I was getting ready for a next stage, a new phase of my development.

I felt a shift in the energies. Someone else had just entered my auric field. I projected a feeling of warmth. It was Tana, one of my spirit guides. I felt her warmth and responded in kind. Tana came to let me know that we will all be meeting a little later. I look forward to being together with my guides. They have committed to help me, and it is a commitment and a labour of pure love, the purest love one could ever hope to experience.

Here in this plane we have no need to hang on to our physical forms or bodies. We do not communicate using sound waves like in an air-filled dimension or planetary system. It is so much easier to project a thought, a feeling towards others, and this telepathic messaging system is wonderful.

I mentally conveyed a message to Tana that I will be happy to meet with them, and will join them at the appointed moment with much joy, light and love. She left my auric field, and I continued to practice my inner meditative work.

It is hard to view other souls on this plane in the context of gender. While we assume a gender for a small period on the denser planes, we tend to view gender more in terms of energy patterns, like being magnetic or electric in our energies. Yet at the same time we tend to embrace a bit of both, and we can separate our maleness and femaleness, and split these aspects of ourselves completely. This brings me to the next stage of my journey. And this is where my next meeting with my guides will become crucial. I have a big decision to make and their guidance on this will be most welcome, as they have done this before.

I was resting, absorbing some healing in a serene setting on the ethereal plane when I felt a little pull. They are waiting for me, and I mentally gave the command to relocate myself to their location. They were waiting for me. I love meeting with them. Their love and light are as powerful as the rays of the sun. For a little while we just basked in each other's light, and experienced the flow of each other's love.

Crutu initiated the conversation. He wanted to know if I had given any more thought to my plans. I projected that I thought perhaps I could do a Soul split, and then leave 20% of my soul essence here in their care, while 40% of my male essence would go to one planetary system and 40% of my female essence would go to another. That way, I would enable my male and female essence to gather some more experience on the denser planes, and then we would return and merge again.

Tovoe replied that this was perfectly doable and possible, provided that I had built up the mental strength to accommodate such a split. It is a challenging process, and it takes souls a long time to be able to do this. If I am not ready for it, it could be emotionally taxing. A split of this nature is always a painful process for any soul, and we would need to remain close to our counterparts for a while to allow us to acclimatise and get used to being in a state of separateness. We carry the pain of such a separation with us until we reunite with our counterparts.

But then it also means that once the life on the denser dimensions are over and we return back here, the merging, and healing will be exceedingly joyful. And with that information I set out on this new journey. It would be a push for me as it would mean some initial hardship, a process of getting used to my divided state, and then embarking on a life in the physical plane. Tana and Tovoe would take care of each of my engendered aspects under the watchful eye of Crutu, while Crutu will take custody of my remaining essence until I return to be merged and become whole.

They also agreed to join me when I go before the Council of Seven. The Council is responsible for guiding and reviewing my plans every time I reincarnate into the denser dimensions. They provide guidance on the planetary systems, the experiences provided on each, and the lessons I would learn.

We exchanged some lengthy discussions on my past experience on the denser dimension, and how I benefited from the experiences I had there. I am feeling a sense of excitement that is extremely overwhelming. So much so that I could burst if I was physical.

Life on the Arcturian system was great. Some of the time I felt a little weak, considering that I only took about 65% of my total essence with me during that incarnation. The remaining 35% stayed behind with my guides. My physical form would never have been able to carry so much power. And it is easy for us to forget how weak those physical bodies can be. Here in this plane we are used to being powerful, and limitless. The denser dimensions are very limited and we need to be constantly reminded of this when we plan our next journey into a life on the physical.

When I returned back to this plane after my last incarnation, the merging of my essence, becoming one again, was most welcome, and the surge of my energy was a powerful healing experience. I took as long as I needed to become One again. Oh the bliss, the rejuvenation, beyond anything that words can convey. And the love and support I felt flowing from Tana, Tovoe and Crutu was immense, and I counted myself very blessed to have such wonderful guides.

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